UUHA Person of the Year Award


Person of the Year Recipients

2019 -- Vanessa Gomez Brake

2018 -- Mandisa Thomas

2017 -- Anthony Pinn, along with a Lifetime Achievement Award given to William R. Murry

2016 -- Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd

2015 -- Kendyl Gibbons

2014 -- Ellery Schempp

2013 -- Roger Brewin

Religious Humanist of the Year Award Guidelines

Purpose: The Religious Humanist of the Year Award is bestowed upon individuals who promote and advance the ideals of Humanism within the Unitarian Universalist Association or in society at large. It recognizes leadership and effort in promoting the UU Humanist Association's Mission.

Criteria: We are looking  for individuals who are well recognized and deserve additional recognition for advancing awareness of Humanist ideals including

  • Advocating for human rights and social justice,
  • Promoting a better understanding of science or reason,
  • Advancing or advocating for the separation of church and state,
  • Communicating Humanist thought in traditional media (print, TV, radio) and/or new media,
  • Creating  greater awareness of or appreciation for Humanist thought or history within the UUA or other religious community,
  • Creating greater awareness or appreciation for Unitarian Universalism within the secular community.

Process and Timing:

  • We invite all members to submit nominations for the Religious Humanist of the Year Award at any time during the year.
  • The award will be presented at the association's annual meeting at the Unitarian Universalists Association General Assembly.
  • The officers will review the submissions up to six months  before the annual meeting and make recommendations to the board who will make the final decision.
  • The selected nominee will be contacted by the UU Humanist president and given the opportunity to accept the award and make a brief acceptance speech at the association's annual meeting.

How to Submit a Nomination: Please  use the contact form to submit your nomination and include the following information:

  • Provide the name, title, organizational affiliation, if any, and contact information for your nominee.
  • Include your own contact information and your relationship to the nominee, if any.
  • Tell us why you think  the nominee is an appropriate recipient of the award.
  • Give us links or references that will help us learn about the nominee.